Under the bridge


May 12, 2014

“It’s not a house, it’s a home.” – a quote from actor Michael Caton as suburbanite Darryl Kerrigan in epoch-defining Australian movie The Castle has gained new meaning beneath the Mitchell Freeway outside Perth’s CBD.

Danny Clarkson may be houseless, but he doesn’t consider himself homeless.

For four years, Mr Clarkson has been living under the freeway, ironically where it crosses over the Clarkson train line. During that time he has built a makeshift home out of materials found on the streets.

“All this stuff here all these chairs, everything – everything here has been on the side of the road, believe it or not,” he says.

Mr Clarkson chose to live like this when he was put on a disability pension after injuring his back and becoming partially blind.

“As far as I’m concerned I’m living how the pioneers lived in the old days, outdoors. I could get a place and pay my rent but there’d be bugger all left on my pension,” he says.

“As strange as it may seem, I’m that used to living outdoors, wide-open spaces, I just couldn’t handle living indoors.”

On Monday, March, 31 Mr Clarkson had a visitor – a chance encounter with a man he spent many years with behind bars at Fremantle Prison.

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