Car smashes home


May 1, 2014

Police are seeking the driver responsible for a high speed crash that damaged a Wembley home early this morning.

An orange XLR Utility was driven into the backyard of the house on Grantham Street about 1am.

The driver of the vehicle abandoned the car after crashing through the fence and driving into a tree.

The damaged Wembley Home

Police arrived on the scene after neighbours reported hearing bangs, and have since impounded the car.

Stuart Miller, the owner of the house who was not home at the time, said the damage to his property was “drastic” but he was relieved no-one was hurt.

Mr Miller said he hoped the driver responsible for the incident was caught, saying his behaviour had been neglectful and dangerous.

The crash followed  a similar incident about 8.30pm last night in which two men, 19 and 21, had their cars impounded and were charged with reckless driving in Ballajura.

Police said officers followed the drivers who were in a Ford Futura sedan and a Ford Falcon utility after seeing them doing burnouts.

Traffic enforcement commander Alf Fordham said WA police were targeting motorists breaking the law and putting others in danger.

Photo: Helene Lambetsos

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