Abuse claims ignored


April 30, 2014

A young boy who confided to his priest about the sexual abuse he was experiencing at a Christian Brothers home was told to pray for his own forgiveness, the Royal Commission in Perth heard today.

Edward Delaney told The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that, at age 12, he was treated like a pet by one brother who sexually abused him in return for favourable treatment at the Bindoon boarding house.

“Brother Parker would tell me to go down to his room and strip naked,” he said. “This went on at least once a month for 18 months.”

Mr Delaney said he was terrified to tell anyone what had happened and when he had the courage to tell the residing priest in confession, he was told to “pray for forgiveness”.

Later, when he was 18, he said he went to the Mt Lawley police and reported the abuse but was told he would be charged if he continued with the conversation.

Another witness, war pensioner Gordon Grant, recalled the constant barrage of taunts unleashed upon the boys by the brothers who called them “scum of the earth” and the “defendants of whores”.

“Brother Keeney slammed his fist into my face, breaking my nose and sending me reeling back when I couldn’t answer what I wanted to be when I grew up,” Mr Grant said.

Mr Grant said he had constant flashbacks of the events and experienced deep depression.

“The legacy of Bindoon has been with me every day of my life since I left at 16,” he said.

The commission will next hear from the solicitors engaging in a class action against the brotherhood on behalf of the victims.

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