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November 17, 2013

In the face of a mixed response to the installation of Christmas decorations as early as October this year, Perth’s lord mayor says it is done in the spirit of community service.

Throughout the CBD, West Perth, East Perth and Northbridge large fabricated angels, big red bows, wreaths and garlands decorated the streets and buildings as early as October 27.

At the Waterford Plaza shopping mall in suburban Bentley, psychology student Clare Smith says it is scary to see Christmas decorations up so early.

“It is a reminder of all the stress and money waste we have in front of us,” Ms Smith says.

“They could at least wait until December to put up the decorations.”

Ms Smith shakes her head while she is walking past the Christmas sections in the shops.

“At least [at] my home Christmas doesn’t have to start before December,” she says.

Sophie Vaulbert, an employee at Target in the Westfield Carousel shops at Cannington, walks through Target’s Christmas area every day she finishes work.

“I’m from Mauritius where we don’t have a lot of Christmas decorations in the city streets or shops,” she says.

“Personally, I love to have almost two months of Christmas around me.”

Ms Vaulbert says Christmas decorations were placed in Target in the middle of October.

“It is good for business when the Christmas starts this early,” she says.

“And the people that don’t like early Christmas simply avoid going into the Christmas sections.”

Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi says people these days are starting to celebrate Christmas earlier than they once did.

She says when people see Christmas decorations up around the city it gets them into the spirit of the festive season.

“For most people I think it makes them happy knowing they have this special holiday to look forward to,” Ms Scaffidi says.

“And perhaps it gets them thinking about the sorts of ways they would like to celebrate the occasion with their friends and family.”

Ms Scaffidi says people who give gifts at Christmas start looking for inspiration and planning their purchases around the end of October.

“People shop and save for Christmas all through the year, but for some it’s a case of ‘out sight, out of mind’,” she says.

“So when the Christmas decorations go up it serves to remind people that Christmas is approaching and perhaps there are plans they need to start making or things they need to budget for in terms of holiday spending.”

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