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June 27, 2013

While the fight for gay rights continues, LGBTIQ* students are still in need of support and financial aid.

The Pinnacle Foundation provides queer youth with financial aid and mentors to help with their educational and career goals.

Foundation executive director and chairman Sean Linkson says the charity is the only one in Australia to give this kind of support.

“There should be a lot more [aid organisations],” he says.

“Too many of our younger generation suffer terrible discrimination because of sexuality or gender identity.

“Despite social advances, many younger LGBTIQ Australians are being forgotten.”

Mr Linkson says governments need to do more to end discrimination, marginalisation, bullying and homophobia.

Transgender Curtin University student Logan Ward talks to InkWire about his experiences.

Research fellow at Curtin University’s Department of Health Promotion & Sexology, Zoe Hyde, says depression and anxiety are much more common in LGBTIQ* people than in the general population.

Dr Hyde says transgender people also face added financial pressures.

“Perhaps the biggest problem for trans people, particularly young people, is the cost of health care,” she says.

“People generally have to travel overseas for surgery, which can be very expensive.

“For example, surgery to create a vagina costs approximately $20,000.”

* Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer

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