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June 12, 2013

A century ago in Naples the tradition of Espresso Sospeso was born.

Translating as ‘suspended coffee’, it is an idea that cafes across Australia are now adding to their menus.

Espresso Sospeso allows customers to buy a coffee to be collected by a disadvantaged person.

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Lara Wolinksi, owner of the The Sparrow’s Nest cafe in East Victoria Park, says about 100 customers have bought a suspended coffee from her since she introduced the practice a few months ago.

While Espresso Sospeso is fairly new in Perth, other people have been supporting the city’s disadvantaged people for years.

Bev and John Lowe from Manna Industries fill hundreds of stomachs a night at parks in inner Perth.

Mrs Lowe encourages cafes to go a step further than Espresso Sospeso, and also provide food to people in need.

Photos: Laura Incognito

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