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June 5, 2013

Sarah Wardell, 19, is a young woman with down syndrome who volunteers to feed homeless people in East Perth every week.

Every Tuesday for the past 18 months, Ms Wardell has been helping charity group Manna Industries to prepare meals.

Ms Wardell helps package about 250 cakes and desserts into paper and boxes which are transported to East Perth where up to 100 homeless people arrive for a feed.

Geraldine Devine and Ms Wardell help out at Manna.

Manna Industries Tuesday coordinator, Penny Hooper, says Ms Wardell is a confident communicator.

Ms Wardell also works at Activ O’Connor, a group that specifically employs people with disabilities.

She studies computing and music at TAFE, and also takes hip-hop dance lessons.

“I’m also a really good singer,” she tells InkWire.

Ms Wardell is also fundraising for an orphanage in Bali called Kupa Kupa Foundation, which caters for children with disabilities. She plans to visit the orphanage in September.

She recently attended a Blues music event in Bunbury, where a singer explained Ms Wardell’s Bali fundraising plan to the crowd.

A hat was passed around, and $805.50 was raised for the trip to the orphanage.

Ms Wardell says she plans to travel to Bali with a volunteer group, but without her parents.

She has previously visited New York and London with her parents, and Melbourne by herself to stay with relatives.

Photography: Sarah Allen

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