The Republic in limbo


May 28, 2013

The previous owner of Shafto Lane nightclub, The Republic, is having a devil of a time finding a new site for his defunct venue – and is even considering reopening the club in Bali.

Former club owner Adam Webb, who is also a pole dancer that goes by the stage name Corey Cruise, said it had been a nightmare trying to find an appropriate location.

Webb and his pooch, Puffnstuff.

“We are having a real problem trying to find a venue that’s willing to have a nightclub on the property,” Webb told InkWire.

“I don’t want to move too far out from where we were because The Republic wouldn’t work too far out of town.”

Webb has been unemployed since the previous owner of the club’s premises died and the building was inherited by her children.

The children sold the land and plans are afoot to demolish the building and replace it with a 15-storey hotel.

Webb said that before it closed down earlier this year The Republic had offered people a relaxed atmosphere without too many rules.

“There [were] no dress standards at all,” he said.

“You [could] wear whatever you like as long as you’ve got shoes on and you’re respectable.”

He said that if he could not find the right place in Perth his only other option would be to reopen The Republic in Bali due to the laid-back atmosphere there.

“I’d like to open it up exactly how it was, just a bit bigger and newer,” he said.

Webb has until Christmas to find a new location or he will lose his nightclub licence.

A former customer of The Republic, Joey Kriz, said she found out the club was closing via the rumour mill.

“Everyone was sad because they didn’t know where to go once the club had closed,” Ms Kriz said.

“It was fun both inside and outside.

“You could go inside and dance and party, and then go outside for a more chilled time with your friends.”

Photos by Alsha Coppolina.

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