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May 28, 2013

Two Perth-based teachers say the use of technology improves the way primary students learn in the classroom.

Isabella, 7, of Woodvale using an iPad for school work

Edith Cowan University lecturer in technology for primary education students, William Turner, says there are many advantages of using technology, in particular iPad-like tablets, when teaching and learning in a primary school classroom.

“A couple of the key gains that sell the use of technology in the classroom are increased engagement and motivation as these are certainly desired behaviours that foster learning and seem to prevail across a range of technologies,” Mr Turner told InkWire.

“There is an underlying psychology amongst children, with various research suggesting around 75 per cent of children believe using tablets such as iPads improves their learning.

“Where children have used tablets in this type of research, there is an overwhelming preference to continue with their use in class.”

Mr Turner says that many studies show there is a link between the increase in information and communication technologies investment and a rise in educational performance in primary schools.

He says that tablets are easy to use and the youngest of primary students are able to use them.

“With the range of apps and the video and audio facilities, learning can be both engaging and self-paced for children,” he says.

Perth primary school teacher Jessica Terlick says her students use technology such as computers in the classroom to help them engage in the class work.

“Students use technology all the time at home and if they come to school and all of a sudden it’s back to writing then they’re not as engaged,” Ms Terlick says.

Technology allows students to access information from all over the world, and engage in educational games.

It also prepares children to use technology in the future.

Ms Terlick says that using technology in the classroom can have many benefits, as long as it is used appropriately.

“At the start of the year the students have to sign a contract that they go through with me and their parents so they know what they can use and how to use it,” she says.

“When it comes to using computers in the classroom the students should be monitored.

“You have to be really vigilant.”

Photo: Jessie Kerrigan

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