Comedy festival returns


May 1, 2013

The Perth International Comedy Festival is back for another year.

Local comedian Graham Goodall-Smith says he is pleased with this year’s festival line-up.

“There are some really good acts,” Goodall-Smith tells InkWire.

“Jack Black is doing his thing with Tenacious D, there’s Wil Anderson, Steven K. Amos and Jeff Green.

“The quality of these huge names is awesome.”

Goodall-Smith at the Astor Theatre

Goodall-Smith says that Perth-based comedians look forward to the festival.

“It shines a spotlight on us, and comedians thirst for spotlight,” he says.

“Perth seems like such a quiet place where you can’t really become anything.

“I see these events going on [and] I think ‘one day I will be a part of that’.”

Goodall-Smith will take part in the Next Gen Comedy Competition as part of the festival.

“It’s a series of audience-voted heats and if you win the eventual finals you get to perform five minutes at the finale of the festival,” he says.

“That would be a really good way of networking with some really high-class names.”

Goodall-Smith says that if well-known comedians like Perth they might include it in future tours.

“They generally like it here,” he says.

“It’s quite a different atmosphere and we’re all pleasant people.”

Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss says that taking part in the festival is a good way to promote his work overseas.

“I have so much fun when I’m over [in Australia],” he says.

“I manage to get a decent size crowd in and some regulars as well.”

Sloss uses YouTube to share his work. Many of his videos have hundreds of thousands of views.

“It makes you reach an audience you never thought you’d reach,” Sloss says.

“I have fans in the Philippines.

“I’m not even 100 per cent sure I could point that out on a globe.”

Though he uses the internet to spread his popularity to a world-wide audience, Sloss prefers to attend comedy festivals.

“It’s a lot more fun to actually play in Australia than have someone in Australia watch my YouTube clip,” he says.

Melbourne-based comedian Joel Creasey says he enjoys travelling with festivals.

“I get to perform in some pretty amazing places,” he says.

“I never would have seen places like Dubbo and Kununurra if I wasn’t doing this.”

Creasey is originally from Perth and says he looks forward to returning for the festival.

“Perth audiences are intelligent but not too uptight,” he says.

“They will happily laugh at a joke that’s a little blue …

“They can poke fun of themselves.”

The Perth International Comedy Festival is running from May 1 to May 19 at a variety of venues in Mt Lawley.

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