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October 25, 2012

Boutique cafe chain Cimbalino is set to launch a new link in the western suburb of Claremont.

Cimbalino already has cafes at Cottesloe, Dalkeith and the enex100 building in Perth’s CBD.

Now, the old Claremont Fresh building off Stirling Highway has been given a fresh coat of orange paint in readiness for a new Cimbalino there.

Claremont mayor Jock Barker said the council – which owns the Claremont Fresh building – signed a lease with Cimbalino about two months ago.

“I think Cimbalino will be a great asset to the town,” Mr Barker told InkWire.

“There is a fair amount of improvements being made to the site including redecorating and painting which the council has put some money towards to assist the redevelopment.”

Lynne Poga, who owns the Thomas Sabo jewellery shop in the Claremont Quarter centre, said Cimbalino would be an excellent addition to Claremont.

“I frequently visit the Cottesloe Cimbalino so think that opening a café in Claremont would be wonderful for the newly developed town centre,” Mrs Poga said.

“The new café will be great for business in Claremont as it will bring a new demographic of younger people into the town but also old favourites of the coffee house.”

Ali Beeck of Nedlands said she thought Cimbalino going into Claremont would be good for the town.

“I think it will draw a lot of the loyal customers that Cimbalino already has in other parts of Perth to the Claremont area and really help boost the popularity and economy of the town,” Ms Beeck said.

Jerome Kwa of Subiaco said Cimbalino would do well in Claremont as the existing cafes were known for a high quality of customer service and had a loyal following from there other cafés.

Cimbalino management declined to comment.

Photos: Elizabeth Thomas

DISCLAIMER: Ms Beeck and Mr Kwa are friends of the reporter, and Mrs Poga is her boss.

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