Black Swan soars


October 16, 2012

Crowds flocked to Brookfield Place for the sixth annual Black Swan Prize Exhibition late last month.

Here, in a complex dominated by Western Australia’s new, second-tallest building, some artists displayed self portraits while others chose to depict close friends or famous Australian personalities that had inspired them.

Two artworks in particular caught my eye.

One was the winner of the Perrine Group People’s Choice Award, ‘Vincent – Contemplation’ by Joanne Morris.

In an interview with InkWire, Morris explained how she learnt the technique of hyperrealism that sets her art apart.

“I spent a long time in the jungle in Northern Thailand being taught this special technique by a master,” she said.

“Now, I have brought that back to Australia with me and made it my own.

“It is called hyperrealism and some people do it with paint and even charcoal but not many use the brushes.”

Morris’s exquisite work with charcoal and dry brushes creates hauntingly lifelike portraits that imitate the style of black and white photography.

In the farthest corner of the room, the bright red landscape depicted in the portrait ‘Jess – Pilbara Girl’ by Christine Hingston immediately caught my eye.

Hingston said the vastness of WA’s Pilbara Region inspired the portrait.

“It was my first trip to the Pilbara and the first time on a station,” she said.

“It’s huge.

“[Jess] was quite a slight girl and everything else was just so big.”

Award Winners

The Lester Group Prize : ‘Black & Blue’ by Dawn Stubbs

The Perrine Group People’s Choice Prize : ‘Vincent – Contemplation’ by Joanne Morris

The Kailis Prize for Excellence : ‘Dr David Bromfield’ by Cynthia Ellis

Black Swan Prize for Heritage : ‘A Position in Time’ by Naomi Antenucci

Photos : Rose Russell

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