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October 11, 2012

Electronic dance music – colloquially referred to as EDM – has been on the rise in recent years and has greatly influenced most of today’s Top 40 music.

The former underground genre had been seen as product of a niche culture but the addictive beats of EDM soon caught on to a new generation of listeners and significantly increased its popularity.

However, Trance – one of the many sub-genres of EDM – does not have a nightclub of its own but instead relies on occasional clubbing events to keep it alive in Perth.

Being awarded the title of Perth’s Best Trance and Progressions DJ for three consecutive years, Jason Creek has been in the Trance and EDM scene in Perth since its early days.

“It’s difficult to earn a return on ‘Trance nights’ sometimes,” Creek said.

“The best way to print money in terms of running a club is playing commercial Top 40 music.”

Rise Nightclub was a Trance-based venue that ran for 11 years but closed down in January last year. The club was revamped to become Air Nightclub which now plays mostly Top 40.

“When I started deejaying four years ago, when I was 18, you’d go to every major event like Godskitchen and any other event trance-related and it would be full, sold out, and then what we found over the next three years was that the numbers started to dwindle of non ‘big-name’ acts,” Creek said.

He said the decline may have been due to market saturation.

He said that, with the increasing number of music festivals in Perth such as Stereosonic and Creamfields, people could not afford to go to all events. This meant patrons were only attending big-name acts.

Music Mansion founder Alexander Jardine – who studies commerce at Curtin University – said he saw a gap in the market used it to set up events that mashed his team’s love for Trance music with the clubbing experience.

“From a club perspective, if you play EDM, obviously won’t earn that much [because people don’t buy alcoholic beverages] but if you’re an event promoter or an event organiser you’re going to get quite a lot of money,” Jardine Said.

Photos: Mark Nicholas Foo

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