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October 4, 2012

It was the battle to find the best in the west.

Last Saturday night, the Bloody Sundaes crossed the Mistresses of Mayhem in the Perth Roller Derby Grand Final.

Both teams raced hard, at the Herb Graham Recreation Centre in suburban Mirrabooka, with an almost even score at half time.

The Mistresses of Mayhem were the favourites to win, but after a few power jams the Bloody Sundaes pulled ahead and became the 2012 Perth Roller Derby winners with a final score of 183 to the Mistresses’ 147.

Blocker for the Sundaes, Liz Halloran AKA Tora Hymanov, said that having been beaten previously by the Mistresses, it felt great to win.

“It was pretty amazing,” Hymanov said.

“We played clean, we played strong and we are very impressed with the win.”

Blocker for the Mistresses, Caz de Niet AKA Maximum Cazualty, said the bout was more brutal than usual – which undoubtedly affected her team’s game.

“[This bout] was a lot harder,” Cazualty said.

There were a couple of power jams that just brought us unstuck.

“Unfortunately one of our jammers was at the bottom of a pile up so that was a power jam [The Sundaes] got for free.”

Next season, Perth Roller Derby will be welcoming a third team into the league – as well as the very first Men’s Perth Roller Derby league.

Ladies from the Mistresses and the Sundaes will donate their time to train the men so they are ready to compete in the hardcore sport.

Hymanov said the Perth Roller Derby had grown rapidly since its start in 2008 and the teams would welcome some new faces for the next season.

“It’s the fastest growing sport in the world,” she said.

“There are so many more teams popping up all over Australia.

“With new ‘fresh meat’ coming, it is more than likely the teams will be mixed up again which means more bouting next year.”

Photos: Mollie Smith

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