Chivalry is not dead


October 2, 2012

A ball to promote the values of purity and chastity to young adults will take place this weekend.

The ‘Chivalry Ball’ will be held at Saint Kieran’s Parish Centre in Osborne Park on Saturday night.

The idea for the event was conceived in 2009 by then 16-year-old Montana McCann (pictured) of Baldivis.

Ms McCann soon formed a planning committee with friends to organise the ball.

Ms Laundy and Ms McCann discuss plans for the Chivalry Ball. Photo: Vanessa Speary.

“We wanted something fun for young people that was free from the atmosphere of drugs and alcohol,” Ms McCann told InkWire.

In light of this desire, the ball was planned with the aim of promoting virtuous behaviour.

This year Ms McCann worked with friends Sarah Laundy (22, pictured) and Kayla Roatch, 20, to co-ordinate the event.

At the start of the evening females receive a card with spaces for the names of male dance partners.

Throughout the night attendees will dance together in a number of styles including classic ballroom.

The ball is organised by Catholics but non-Catholics are welcome to attend.

“The values we’re trying to promote were taught to us as children growing up in Catholic households,” Ms Laundy said.

“But I don’t think you need to be a Catholic to want to form quality relationships or to be treated with respect as a valuable human being.”

Curtin University lecturer Carolyn Hofmeester, who coordinates a unit on ethics in psychology, says respect, modesty, courage and purity should be virtues everyone has the opportunity to cultivate.

“The more exposure we have to moral values – such as respect for others through our language, cultural and everyday activities – the more likely we are to form consistent habits that demonstrate care, compassion and respect,” she said.

The 2012 ball will be the third since its debut in 2009.

Young men and women aged 16 to 25 are invited to buy a ticket by emailing chivalryball@hotmail.com

Ladies are asked to wear a white or pastel-coloured dress in support of the promoted values.

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