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September 26, 2012

Social media has again shown its convenience with the formation of a social group that organises basketball games in the Perth metro area.

What started as a few school friends has turned into a Facebook group of 100 people who participate in regular basketball games.

The details of the games, which are usually played in Murdoch or Rossmoyne, are posted to the Facebook group, and group members meet and play leisurely games.

Contesting the ball.

Regular player Navroz Irani explained why the players have used Facebook.

“Facebook provides a good way to get everyone at once instead of making too many calls,” Mr Irani said.

“It was one person’s idea to create the group on Facebook but we usually come down either way.

“Sometimes we have as few as four or five [players].

“Sometimes we have as many as 30 so we can pull some fairly big crowds.”

Through social media, keeping contact with friends has become easier.

Group member Andrew Fernando talked about the growth of the group and the social advantages that come with it.

“I used to call my mates and they would come down and play,” Mr Fernando said.

“Then it got bigger and bigger and more guys were coming down.

“It’s good because you can make new friends and meet new people that love basketball as much as we do.

“People that haven’t played before have come down and started playing with us and got better.”

Photo: Aemero Yitbarek

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