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September 18, 2012

These days most people are too busy working, studying or organising life to worry about the state of their backyard.

Tim Monahan from Organic Munchable Gardens takes the stress out of gardening by creating easy to maintain green patches.

Mr Monahan harvesting

He also helps people find their missing green thumb.

“Organic gardening creates delicious and healthy produce that everyone can enjoy,” Mr Monahan told InkWire.

His passion for gardening started at a young age after he studied environmental science.

After his studies he realised how much he loved working outdoors and with nature.

He eventually started his own organic gardening business this year.

Mr Monahan creates gardens for private homes and businesses, and consults for organic farms.

He hopes to expand his business into other areas and is developing an organic fungus spray called Rust Busta.

“It’s broad spectrum so it works on everything, from tomatoes to broad beans,” Mr Monaghan said.

Mr Monahan works on another garden

He hopes the spray will help people to naturally treat garden pests that destroy their plants.

Perth has its own natural garden that the public can get involved in.

City Farm in East Perth helps everyday people develop new skills.

Its main focus is teaching people how to have a natural garden that they feel confident looking after.

Jane Davis, the Nursery Manager at City Farm, says that nurturing soil creates an ideal environment for growing healthy plants.

“To grow something the way nature intended, you really need to look after the soil,” Ms Davis said.

Worms play a big role in helping to create the right soil conditions that vegetables and herbs can thrive in.

“If you have a soil with no organisms in it at all it’s going to be a poor soil,” she said.

Mr Monahan and Ms Davis encourage people to get out into their gardens so they can have access to healthy produce and feel connected to nature.

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