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September 4, 2012

A passing comment by a Darlington Primary School year seven student resulted in the entire school hosting a pyjama breakfast recently, raising more than $1000 for Mt Lawley Primary School.

Mt Lawley Primary School suffered an arson attack on August 8 which destroyed most of the school building, including resources and equipment as well as many staff and students’ personal belongings.

The idea for the breakfast came from graduating Year 7 student Hope Libley who asked if there could be a pyjama day in response to the staff wearing their ugg boots to for a day to raise money for the staff of the recovering school.

The 12-year-old student suggested that the students should get to wear their pyjamas if all the staff were able to wear ugg boots as Mrs Woodley was walking past the classroom.

Darlington Teacher Kath Tester dishes out breakfast to hungry students.

“Imagine if it was our school that burnt down? I’d be sad if I lost everything in my desk, especially my One Direction magazines!” Hope told InkWire.

“The teachers were all wearing ugg boots so it only seemed fair if we got to wear our pyjamas for a day.

“I didn’t think Mrs Woodley would actually let us, next thing I know the whole school is having breakfast in their pyjamas.”

Mt Lawley Primary School Principal Don Barba said it was amazing how the community had supported the school during its toughest time.

“That’s something very special that we have learnt that when disasters occur, West Australians are phenomenal,” Mr Barba said.

“We lost so much in the sense of the physical structures.

“I said at our first meeting that the one thing we haven’t lost is community and that’s been so true right throughout the process.”

Darlington Primary is located in the Perth Hills near John Forrest National Park, a 45-minute drive from Mt Lawley Primary.

The two primary schools do share common qualities, even if location isn’t one of them.

Both schools celebrated their centenary this year. Darlington Primary Principal Lorna Woodley said this bond made it even more important to assist Mt Lawley Primary.

“The staff held an ugg boot day because we wanted to be able to raise money for the teachers so they could buy something for their staffroom,” Mrs Woodley said.

“Even something as simple as a coffee maker or a sandwich toaster can make a big difference, and the idea just escalated from there.

“I think the best part is that this whole event was started by a student with no prompting or agenda, and the whole school has come together.

“It just goes to show it only takes one person with a great idea to make a difference.”

Photo: Sam Stotter

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