Swing of it


August 28, 2012

Throughout August and September Fremantle venue Kulcha will host a lively swing music event.

Kulcha is a performance space for global arts and artists.

Under the auspices of ‘The Caravan Club’, Kulcha has been running shows every Sunday with local gypsy swing band Belleville playing for the event.

Special guest Ashley Arbuckle, a well-known Perth violinist who has had international success also joined in to set the mood.

Gypsy swing originated from the 1930s Parisian café scene and it seems fitting that Kulcha will host the Caravan Club along Fremantle’s popular cappuccino strip.

For a few hours, Belleville took its audience to 1930s Paris with a blend of traditional gypsy swing mixed with modern jazz.

The evening was a tribute to late, great jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, the king of gypsy swing.

It was a fun night of swing and jazz, where people relaxed with food and drinks, or had a sprightly twirl around the dance floor – forgetting for one night they were in the antipodes and believing that Paris was just outside the door.

This story was written and produced by the team at Western Independent.

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