Model packs a punch


June 1, 2012

Perth model Steph Whife traded hair extensions and fake tans for boxing gloves and a mouth guard at the Promac Royal Queensbury Boxing Challenge last month.

Twenty of Perth’s socialites and businessmen battled it out on May 11 at the Burswood Entertainment complex to raise money for Perth charity ToyBox International.

Whife – who is signed with Vivien’s modelling agency – had been friends with her opponent Kim Eckhof for many years with both models having represented Western Australia in the Miss Universe Australia national finals.

Steph ‘the good house’ Whife, 22, competed against fellow model Kim ‘the hoff’ Eckhof, 26, in the night’s most anticipated fight.

Eckhof won the fight between the two blonde bombshells in front of 1200 people.

“I was a bit disappointed but it was definitely one of the best things I have ever done especially in front of all those people,” Whife said.

“I know I got a good punch in there because I saw her nose bleeding.”

The Hurt Locker boxing gymnasium became the contenders’ home away from home during the 10 weeks of intense training in the lead-up to the big bout.

Whife’s trainer Glen Austin said his charge averaged nine sessions in one week toward the end of training, sometimes training twice a day whilst working full time.

“Steph came in so fragile and I kept telling her she had to really work hard and she did,” Austin said.

“She trained through injuries, being beaten up whilst sparring and really pushed herself as hard as she could.

“I told her she needed to work really hard because it wouldn’t come easily but I never, not even for a second doubted her.”

Whife said boxing was one of the most physically and emotionally challenging things she had ever done.

“I wanted to do it because everyone was telling me that I couldn’t do it, so I wanted to prove them all wrong,” she said.

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