Seabirds off course


May 17, 2012

Distressed seabirds have been spotted along Perth beaches in the past fortnight thousands of kilometres away from the birds’ breeding grounds.

Recent rough weather has blown the giant petrels from Antarctica to the West Australian coast.

Department of Environment and Conservation wildlife officer Kevin Morrison says at this time of year storm fronts blow the large seabirds to Perth’s shores.

Juvenile giant petrel found at Secret Harbour last week. Photo: Sharon Mason

“Often juvenile birds are disoriented, exhausted and weak from starvation as they have been unable to feed when caught in storm fronts,” Mr Morrison said.

He said large seabirds should be reported to DEC and not approached, but that smaller seabirds could be placed in a box and taken to rehabilitation centres.

The three sighted birds were blown ashore at Rockingham, East Fremantle and Secret Harbour.

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