Smokers support ban


May 4, 2012

The smoking ban imposed at Curtin University this year has received generally positive feedback from staff and students, according to the university’s Health and Safety department.

Curtin banned smoking on all five of its campuses on January 1.

The ban includes student housing and vehicles.

Architecture student Jesse Tucker said that, as a smoker, he supported the ban.

“Air belongs to the public, and most people at Curtin don’t smoke,” Mr Tucker said.

“You can smoke within your own vicinity, but when it’s an establishment that is shared with many others, you have to be considerate.

“People weren’t paying attention to the previous rules.

“Smokers have brought this ban upon themselves.”

Signs remind users of ban

Curtin Health and Safety Advisor Amy Bowater said the Smoke Free initiative had reduced smoking on campus.

“[My] office is located centrally on the campus and I have noticed a significant reduction in the incidences of smoking,” Ms Bowater said.

“It is a sizable campus with a large population of students and staff, so as the awareness is spread we predict that there will be further reduction in this over time.”

An amendment to the Curtin University By-Laws prohibits smoking, and breaches may attract a fine of $100.

But Mr Tucker said that, to date, he had only received informal warnings about smoking on campus.

“I still smoke on campus,” he said.

“I’ve been looked down on, and told by people without authority not to smoke, but no official warnings from security.

“I try to find somewhere secluded, and it has enabled me to cut down on my habit a fair bit.”

Ms Bowater said a six-month cool off period would enable staff, students and visitors to be fully aware of the changes before fines were imposed.

Graphic Design student Jake Quodling said he supported the ban but there should be a few exceptions.

“I think the Tavern will lose a few customers now that they don’t have a designated smoking area,” he said.

“I only smoke when I drink, and consequently I haven’t been there this semester.”

Mr Tucker said he was banned from the Tavern for a night in the first week of semester for lighting up.

Curtin Security has appointed a staffer to address all Smoke Free 2012 related concerns, but was unavailable for comment.

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