Hog's Breath arrives


May 2, 2012

The recent opening of a Hog’s Breath Cafe in Midland has brought more customers into the area and caused nearby restaurants to embrace the competition.

Hog’s Breath regional manager Brian McMerrin said that in the past two weeks the restaurant had been the second busiest in Australia.

With many customers curious for something new, Mr McMerrin said Midland had taken to the family restaurant well, with the eatery being booked out since it opened.

Dome Midland is located on the same street about 50 metres from the new Hog’s Breath.

Manager Arun Thomas said that the opening of the Hog’s Breath had not affected business.

“Our products are much different,” Mr Thomas said.

Chatter’s Restaurant is a Chinese eatery located across the road from Hog’s Breath.

Manager Eric Mei said business had been affected a little bit but not drastically.

“We have been a stable restaurant since 2008,” he said.

“Hopefully nothing will change.”

Mr Mei said Chatter’s welcomed competitors as it brought more people to the Midland area.

He said Chatter’s had nothing to worry about as it offered different cuisine than Hog’s Breath at competitive prices.

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