Cockburn Cement faces $625,000 fine


Cockburn Cement has been charged with causing pollution from its controversial plant in Munster and is facing a potential $625,000 fine.

The Department of Environment and Conservation alleges dust blew from the company’s plant in the southern Perth suburb of Munster on April 28 last year, impacted on nearby residents and the environment.

The department also alleges Cockburn Cement failed to dispose of lime kiln dust in a wet state as required by its environmental licence.

The maximum penalty for the charge of pollution is $500,000 and the maximum fine for breaching a licence condition is $125,000.

Cockburn Cement Operations Manager Darrin Strange resigned following news of the charge.

Mr Strange has reportedly taken a position with a previous employer.

Cockburn Cement is reportedly seeking an interim operations manager to replace Mr Strange who had been with the company for five years.

The company is due to appear in Fremantle Magistrates Court on October 21.

After years of complaints by local residents, DEC in May ordered the company to install a pollution filter on one of its kilns.

The ruling was overturned by a Supreme Court appeal.

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