Glass phased out of club


Popular inner-Perth nightspot Amplifier Capitol will throw away their glasses in favour of more durable, plastic drinkware.

New owner of the Murray Street venue, David Heaton, said the move would increase safety and curb violence.

Beer jugs, wine glasses and glass bottles will be replaced with polycarbonate glasses to reduce the risk of accidents and glasses being used as weapons.

Water will also be offered to every third patron at the bar and after a patron’s third drink order.

General Manager of Amplifier Capitol Bryce Varley said offering water was one of the main ways to curb trouble from intoxicated patrons.

“Whether they take it or not is entirely up to them, it’s just about being proactive by providing water as a second nature type thing,” Mr Varley said.

Amplifier Capitol will also instal a security area where existing CCTV cameras will be monitored by staff throughout the night.

“We’re going to actively add more cameras and have a monitored system where we have a security guard behind it who is in contact with the rest of security in the venue,” Mr Varley said.

“So any incidents or problems we can deal with straight away.”

The changes to the drinkware will start rolling out over the next month.

Mr Heaton has implemented the same strategy in his other clubs such as Metropolis Fremantle.

The move follows recent glassing attacks across Perth bars and nightclubs.

Earlier this month a 22-year-old bouncer was left with cuts after being hit with a glass at the Woodvale Tavern.

Another man was slashed with glass at Ambar Nightclub in Murray Street late last year, resulting in him needing extensive facial surgery.

There have been many calls for the government to impose glass bans on pubs and clubs but no legislation has been introduced.

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