Perth Colts star to play in national AFL championships


Frasier McInnes, 18, is an exciting young footballer and potential draft prospect from the Perth Football Club.

McInnes is currently the vice captain of the Perth Colts and set to represent Western Australia at this year’s National Under 18 Championships.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: McInnes talks about what he thinks is the key to success as a young player.

He reviews his footballing career so far, as well as his biggest influences to date and the type of player he most resembles in the AFL.

McInnes attended Trinity College in East Perth. He has high hopes to follow in the footsteps of recent recruits such as Reece Conca (Richmond), Alex Fasolo (Collingwood), Mitch Duncan (Geelong), Kane Lucas (Carlton), Travis Collyer (Essendon), Lewis Stevenson (West Coast), Patrick Mcginnity (West Coast) and Josh Hill (Western Bulldogs).  Enjoy!

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