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Wanting a change from my usual dining-out choices, I came across Sunbreakers Restaurant and booked three guests and myself in for Wednesday night.

Located just outside the city centre of Mandurah, Sunbreakers was easy to get to, but unlike many other Mandurah restaurants, it didn’t have the water views you come to expect.

Nonetheless, it offers a very extensive menu that is sure to please everyone. It has a set evening menu available from 4pm, Sunday to Thursday, providing meals at a lower cost, and a children’s menu for those under 12.

Oh, the ambience

Trio of dips with Turkish bread.When we first walked in, the low lighting, dark timber flooring, red feature walls, and a man playing soft rock with the help of backing tracks and his electric guitar, provided an ambience that couldn’t be matched. My guests and I sat in a quiet corner and watched as the rest of the place began to fill.

The waiters were very attentive and knew exactly when we were ready to order. Two of my guests opted for the set menu, but, despite it being a much more economical choice, the food options weren’t varied enough for me and my other guest.

With an entree of a trio of dips served with Turkish bread, and a scotch fillet with green peppercorn sauce and chips and salad as the main, one guest was very happy with her $32 two-course meal.

Scotch fillet with green peppercorn sauce.The Turkish bread was nice and crisp with the perfect amount of oiliness, while the steak was a good cut and cooked exactly to her liking.

For just $34, another guest got Caesar salad for entree, chicken parmigiana with garlic mash and chips, and a sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and cream on the side that ended up being all mine!

The Caesar salad needed improvement, with the egg being overcooked and bacon bits that were too small to taste. The croutons were nice and crunchy, however, and the Caesar dressing was good, although there could have been more. 

Caesar salad.

The chicken parmigiana was topped with cheddar cheese making it overly oily and giving it more of a pub-feel, but it was still good enough to eat. The garlic mash was a real disappointment; there’s nothing worse than cold and lumpy potato.

The tasting plate was almost a main meal itself. With mince lamb patties, marinated chicken skewers that had a caramelised texture to them, calamari with a crispy batter so perfect it could have melted in your mouth, and chorizo sausage that was fried just enough to release all the oils without burning it, my guest said it was great value. Sunbreakers tasting plate.

It also had great Turkish bread, and two dips as accompaniments that were adequate but nothing special.

Some like it hot

Gandhi curry.My friend moved onto one of the day’s specials, Gandhi curry, also known as lamb vindaloo. He ordered the hottest you could get, and it didn’t disappoint. Between mouthfuls, he was wiping sweat and blowing his nose. The hotness of the chillies didn’t overpower the other spices, with the sweet taste of cinnamon and nutmeg coming through, and the lamb being tender and full of flavour. To help ease the hotness, there was cucumber yoghurt, perfectly steamed rice and naan bread on the side.

The spicy chicken salad was a very generous serving for an entree, with plenty of strips of tender and Cajun-spiced chicken. The only problem was that some of the chicken was chewy with some of the fat not cut off properly. Tuscan chicken.However, the beautiful flavours of the fetta and sundried tomatoes, along with a dressing that didn’t overpower, still made me wish my salad would never end.

I followed up my entree with the Tuscan chicken. This was breast of chicken filled with camembert cheese, roasted peppers and sun ripened tomatoes, baked in filo pastry, served on a bed of mashed potato and baby spinach, and topped with roast pepper sauce. It was an extremely large serving and well worth the money. The flavours all worked well together and the camembert cheese was oozing out of the chicken. It would have tasted better though if the pastry was thicker and crisper.

Velvety and rich

Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce.

As for my guest’s dessert, after one bite I was mesmerised by the steaming hot sticky date pudding with the velvety, rich butterscotch sauce. The pudding had great flavour with chunks of dates nestled through. But it was the butterscotch sauce that really made the dish for me, and thankfully there was a generous amount on the dish.

Overall, Sunbreakers in Mandurah offers a nice dining experience, with a great mood and an extensive menu and wine list. Opting for the set menu saves money, but the food outside the set menu is worth every cent. Sunbreakers Restaurant definitely lives up to their motto of “great food, great wine, great service”.

Sunbreakers Restaurant
Address: 115 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah
Phone: (08) 9581 5556
Web: http://www.sunbreakers.com.au
Hours: Open 7 days, 9am-11pm
Rating: 4/5

The bill:
Tasting plate – $18.50
Spicy chicken salad – $18.50
Gandhi curry – $35
Tuscan chicken – $32
2-course set menu – $28 ($4 extra for scotch fillet)
3-course set menu – $34

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