What is the future of student parking?


Curtin Student GCurtin Student Guild's Chris Hassen talks to the protesters.uild held a protest party to campaign against the “pay as you go” parking system to start in Semester 1, 2012.

Hundreds of students met at the top of Henderson Court on Wednesday, 18 May, to help present a petition to Curtin University Vice President, Corporate Services, Ian Callahan.

According to the guild, students’ parking fees may more than double if they attend class for more than 20 hours a week under the new system.

Mr Callahan acknowledged the students’ concerns and said the university had been resisting State Government attempts to impose even higher fees.

The guild displayed messages such as “it’s the brightest minds that will make parking better” and supplied free balloons, sausage sizzles, popcorn and music.

Earlier in the year, Curtin University announced it would no longer use permits to manage parking on campus and would instead introduce a “pay as you go” system.

Although this was originally planned to begin in the second semester, it has now been postponed to next year.

VIDEO: The university and guild representatives give their perspectives at the protest.

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