Scarborough's dark side


SCARBOROUGH beach is beautiful when the sun shines down on it, but lately there have been several attacks that scare local residents.

Scarborough is known for being a bit unsafe at night, especially close to the beach on the weekends. It’s of course not really dangerous at these places, but it might be wise to walk in groups.

In 2011 there have been three major attacks in these areas:

  • The first attack happened right after New Year’s Eve on 4 January. A woman was shot in the 14th floor at the Rendezvous Observation City Hotel in Scarborough. She had surgery and survived.
  • The second attack occurred on 24 February, when two men got into a fight in a laneway near Scarborough Beach Road. The argument escalated and one of the two men pulled out a knife and stabbed the other in the head.
  • The third major crime happened on 12 March. Three men attacked a 39-year-old man during an argument. They hit him in the head with a brick. The man suffered serious head injuries.

Jonathan Kjell was walking home late one night from a party in Hasting Street in March and was stopped by an elderly drunk man.

The man drew a knife from his pocket, demanding money and any other valuable items.

“It was terrifying,” Mr Kjell said.

“I stood there in shock. What should I say, what should I do?

“I can’t remember what I was thinking at the time, but for some reason I pushed the guy.

“He was drunk and unstable so he had to back a couple of steps to manage to stay on his feet.

“I saw my chance to run away, and so I did. He didn’t run after me, so I was lucky.

“But the incident still affects me and I always look over my shoulder when I walk outside at nighttime.”

Mr Kjell also says he is really careful about walking alone now, especially in Scarborough. Local people talk about their views.

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