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THE 2011 annual ‘Sculptures By the Sea’ exhibition has enjoyed a successful year, attracting record crowds after presenting a variety of works from local, national and international artists.

The event, held at Cottesloe beach, is in its sixth year and has grown in popularity and stature since it was launched in 2005 and this year exhibited more than 70 pieces.

In the past, the event was only open to local artists and international artists had to be invited to take place; however, 2011 saw local government provide grants to international artists and opened applications worldwide.

The NAB, $15, 000 Western Australian Sculptor scholarship was awarded to four students from central TAFE for their work, Lifeboat.

The piece is comprised on1697 waxed blue boats flowing down the Cottesloe path to symbolise the first landing of Europeans in 1697.

Kate Parker said she and her three partners were greatly encouraged by the scholarship.

“It really makes us want to keep going and doing more”.

The exhibition, which began in Sydney in 1995 at Bondi beach, has been attracting local artists for more than 15 years and is beginning to gain international stature, with world-renowned artists such as Sir Anthony Caro from Britain and Chen Wenling from China.

After $130,000 was spent on getting three of the international pieces to Perth, Eventscorp, the major sponsor of the exhibition, encountered a number of problems.

Caro’s work, shown in the Bondi exhibition, titled ‘The absence of key words’, as well as Wenling’s, titled ‘Red memory smile’ were unable to make the opening of the Cottesloe after combined flight and customs problems delayed the delivery.

Local residents say they are thrilled with the transformation their beach undertakes each year.  Frequent visitor to Cottesloe beach, Alex Clapin says he enjoys the exhibition each year.

“Yeah, I head down every year with my family.  We vote on our favorites and look forward to hearing the results”.

The sculpture which wins the Sculpture By the Sea’s People’s Choice Prize is placed around Cottesloe beach permanently.

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