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THE Parmelia Hilton joined an international effort in its fourth consecutive year to combat climate change by participating in Earth Hour 2011.

Earth Hour is an annual event in which people worldwide join together and switch off their lights in an effort to create awareness of climate change and to reduce carbon emissions.

Parmelia Hilton Perth encouraged guests to become aware of Earth Hour and climate change by limiting lighting in the restaurants to candlelight and turning off signage lights, exterior lights and all non-essential operational lights on Saturday, 26 March.

Marketing Communications Manager Julia Clark says Hilton Worldwide is committed to environmental sustainability and team members also have worn Earth Hour t-shirts to raise awareness.

“Participating in Earth Hour raises the awareness of our commitment and activity involves our team members and guests in making a difference,” she said.

In 2009, Parmelia Hilton won the AHA award for WA’s Best Environmental Initiative, with the “Meeting and Events carbon offset Initiative” launched in 2010.

For each meeting and event held at the Parmelia Hilton, the hotel pays to offset the carbon emissions at no additional cost to the client.

Ms Clark said the event was publicised through the Eat Drink Perth database and through word-of-mouth, with the number of diners attending rising to 40 people this year.

With a “switching off lights to turn on awareness” motto, the Parmelia Hilton served a special Earth Hour menu on the night.

The menu was served in the Adelphi Steak House and Globe Restaurant, and featured organic, local and sustainable produce with energy-saving cooking methods.

The menu was written on lemon bottlebrush seeded paper, which guests were encouraged to plant in order to make a bottlebrush grow.

Earth Hour at the Parmelia Hilton was a part of the Eat Drink Perth festival held in March in various locations throughout Perth.

Other activities involved ticketed and free events such as a City Food Fair, coffee appreciation courses, wine and cheese tastings and cocktail nights.

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