Movie Review: Never say never


I’M not a Bieber fan, nor do suffer from ‘Bieberfever’.

But tonight I did something out of the ordinary and watched Justin Bieber’s new movie ‘Never say never’ that was released on 7 April.

As I sat down in the cinema, I was surrounded by teenagers who screamed as the movie started.

“I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER,” one fan yelled from her seat.

Seriously, what have I got myself into?

This documentary turned movie reflects the success story behind Justin Bieber, from growing up in a small Canadian town, to his youtube success, to world and young girl’s attention domination.

This young 17 year old sold out Madison Square Garden Stadium in New York in 22 minutes so maybe this movie would explain to me why girls are crying and screaming for him.

It’s easy to judge a book by its cover, or in this case Justin Bieber’s success.

But this movie really shows an in-depth story of love, courage and confidence which I left feeling inspired and slight giddy inside (I hope my friends don’t read this).

Even though I know a majority of people in their 20s would rather “throw themselves on blades” metaphorically than watch this movie, I do believe everyone can gain some inspiration and if not, definitely a good laugh from this film.

The movie is full of humour, cheekiness and reminds you how much fun being young and adventurous was.

But it also has a very nurturing feeling that may give you that warm and fuzzy feeling you have been missing for a while.

But all in all, if you’re still not inspired, and think the whole concept is stupid, I still challenge you to go watch this movie.

Why? The screaming fans, the young girls jumping around, the crazy adults and the overall obsession that follows Justin is very entertaining.

One young girl says “I love Justin, and we WILL get married”, with the most serious look on her face, more serial killer type.

“I loved the movie, I love Justin, I want to marry him,” says Jane Gibson, a 12 year old who was buzzing with excitement after the film.

“I love his hair, how he dances and his songs,” she says.

I still don’t have Bieberfever, especially when he is jail-bait but I left the cinema laughing, singing “baby, baby, baby – ohhhhhhh”.

And my absolute highlight of the movie, is definitely USHER. Oh my god.

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