Mikey needs your help before it’s too late

Mikey the 43kg Mastiff Cross has become a cult hero at his temporary home of Shenton Park Dogs’ Refuge but the problem is he has been there for more than 1200 days.

The eight-and-a-half-year-old has struggled to find permanent residency, having continually been adopted and returned.

With his current foster carers in the process of relocating overseas, Mikey is facing the prospect of spending the last years of his life in an animal shelter.

Mikey in his bed. Photo: Lexi Green

Shenton Park Dogs’ Refuge general manager Kristi Treadgold says Mikey is a very special dog and deserves to spend the final chapter of his life with a loving family.

“He’s an affectionate, big, beautiful dog … we have a double kennel and couch for him, he’s a favourite of ours,” she says.

“He has quite bad separation anxiety, he loves people and needs to be around them … he’s known to be quite the escape artist from our refuge.”

The life expectancy for a Mastiff Cross ranges from eight to 10 years, meaning his window to find a home is slowly closing.

Unlike many dog refuge homes, Shenton Park is pro-life and will keep Mikey for as long as he lives.

Mastiff Club of Victoria president Paul Simmonds says the struggle Mikey is facing is directly due to his breed.

Mikey patiently awaits adoption. Photo: Lexi Green

“The main reason Mastiff Cross’ were brought into Australia is as pig-dogs, they’re for hunting which is why most people don’t want them… because their temperament is for hunting not as a pet,” he says.

“I would only recommend adopting a Mastiff Cross if you are a really experienced dog trainer and you know how to keep a dog like that under control.”

Mikey mightn’t be the easiest dog to manage but Shenton Park Dogs’ Refuge general manager Kristi Treadgold says the size of his heart more than makes up for it.

“Usually dogs are in and out of our facility in 44 days, Mikey has been here for over 1200… I implore people to give him a shot, he deserves it,” she says.

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting Mikey you can contact Shenton Park Dogs’ Refuge Home on 9381 8166.

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