Election 2019

It’s on: election live

Day one done and dusted, see what went down.

The anti-Shorten rhetoric is up and punning.

According to Managing Director of JWS Research, John Scales 59 percent of people believe the campaigns are the same old stuff, with one in two claiming it as forgettable:

“People prefer positive campaigns, and in our post-election polling, that we do — New South Wales, in the last Federal Election — most people say they voted for a particular party or candidate, but often they’ll be responding to a negative message about the other.”

Was anyone else under the impression that Tony Abbott in his budgie smugglers was the only democracy sausage?

Scott Morrison, please explain…

Scott Morrison and the Liberals have hit Western Sydney in hopes of taking the seat of Lindsay.

Tony Abbott has yet again launched his campaign from a family home (rather than a small library)

Anyone know what’s going on here or why it is happening? Who from the Labor party thought this was a good idea?

Back at it again with another great line.
Scott Morrison: “If I’m re-elected Prime Minister, then I will serve as Prime Minister.”

Warning: you’re about to be bombarded with negative political campaigns! Nothing but…shots fired?…from One Nation Australia

Will this ruin your plans for May 18?

Who is Winx and who is Wanx?

tab.com.au Australian Federal Election 2019 odds

Next up Richard Di Natale: “We speak to a lot of people on the ground and they are telling us that, unless you’ve got a serious plan to tackle climate change, we’re not interested in supporting you. There is no more important issue… I noticed Scott Morrison kicked off the election campaign, he didn’t mention the words ’climate change’. We know Labor aren’t serious about climate change because they don’t have a plan to phase out coal and bring in renewables.”

Bill Shorten makes his first remarks: “The election has been called. Today, the case to vote Labor is we will deliver more jobs, better health and education. Take real action on climate change and renewable energy and help push energy prices down. We’ll get on top of cost of living burdens and we’ll get wages moving again in this country. We can manage the economy in the interests of working and middle class people. My team is united. Australians face a real and vital choice at this election.”

It’s Tanya Plibersek’s turn, coming out hard.
“This is a choice between better hospitals and schools or bigger tax loopholes for the top end of town. This is a choice between a team under Bill Shorten’s leadership that has been united and disciplined, an experienced team that is focused on making life better for working Australians……Under Scott Morrison’s leadership, a team that is riven by chaos, confusion, dysfunction and division, with three prime ministers in six years. A bunch of people who are fighting each other – the only time they agree on anything it is to give a job to a mate on a government board. That is the choice before Australians and that is a fight we are all very happy to have.”

Bill Shorten is expected to get Labor’s campaign underway at 11:30am.

Does someone need to teach Bill Shorten how to take a proper selfie? #Where’sHisChin

I know you wanted to see the letter to the Governor General, nerds.

Goodbye to the 45th Parliament, here’s to another ‘solid’ 4 years?


Scott Morrison “Australia is the best country in the world but our future depends on a strong economy. So I’m asking my fellow Australians today that on 18 May you vote Liberal and National around the country so, together, all of us as Australians, can continue to build our economy to secure your future.”


A 37-day election begins as Scott Morrison confirms Australians will be heading to the polls on 18 May.

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