Security under scrutiny at old power station

Security has come under scrutiny at the South Fremantle power station after a 24-year-old man fell to his

death last month.


Despite warnings to keep out of the station it remains a popular sight for street artists and photographers

Todd Rowlinson fell 15 meters through a hole while he was in a prohibited area of the power station and the City of Cockburn is now working with Synergy to improve security on the site.

Cockburn mayor Logan Howlett said the city has installed CCTV cameras at a car park adjacent to the power station.

“The city will be liaising with Synergy in regards to maintaining the fencing and signage,” he said

“Unoccupied buildings in private or government ownership tend to create opportunities for people to trespass for a variety of reasons.”

Mr Rowlinson’s mother Helen Blackwood told radio 6PR on Wednesday morning security should be upgraded.

“Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now. It shouldn’t be too late for someone else,” she said.

“The building is unsafe. We understand it’s heritage-listed but people need to be protected from it.

“We discourage people from going there for the reason that it’s not a safe place to be.”

The building has been closed since 1985.

Synergy refused to comment.



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