Police running man challenge hits WA

No doubt you’ve heard of the #runningmanchallenge by now?

WA Police are one of the last in the country to accept. They released their response on their Facebook page today.

You may have had to ‘Wait Awhile’ and everyone was asking for it so here is our response to the NZ Police,” the post read.

Big thank you to the officers that volunteered their time to participate in this video and the current and former police officers from Clip Media Motion who kindly made it all possible.”

New Zealand Police Recruitment started the trend on May 3, challenging police from all Australian states and territories to join in – except one.

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services were left out of the inital challenge, but the Territory mob did one anyway. True to form, the coppers from the Top End included a croc in their video.

And they have even forgiven their NZ counterparts for leaving them out of the initial challenge.

One of the first to answer the call was the New York Police Department on May 4.

New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory posted their videos on their social media accounts.

Victoria Police and South Australia Police have posted acceptance videos, but as yet have not actually completed the challenge.

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