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When people think of international news, they think of BBC, CNN, and SKY NEWS. When I think of international news, call me silly but I think of E! News.

Everyone loves his or her dose of entertainment headlines and everyone loves a bit of gossip, so what better place to visit then E!

E! News has become the forefront of reporting news about Hollywood and the A-list celebrities we all love to watch and hear about.

The bold and bright headings of the site immediately familiarise the reader with what they’re looking for and doing on the website.

The logo is distinct and large; the bold navy, white and red colour schemes are aesthetics that keep you on the site for hours on end. As well as scoping out celebrities, there are endless image galleries of the A-List celebrities that shine and wow all big Hollywood events.

For as long as I’ve had Foxtel Channel 121, otherwise known as Channel E!, it has been up there with my most visited channels. So when came about, it was only natural I began to visit it weekly to keep updated with my celebrity gossip.

Formerly an American website, reaches viewers all over the world with correspondents in America, Australia and Europe.

What is my most favourite thing about The image galleries. Countless amounts of hours have been spent going through amazing Hollywood celebrities. 

One may say they don’t consider to be a “news” website due to the large amount of cross-advertisements. However, I believe it’s the first and most established news website when it comes to reporting on arts and entertainment in the world today. It is a website I enjoy visiting, and a website I believe has good strategic conventions that have readers coming back for more and more each time!

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