Marriage Rights – a photo essay by Jessica Sorci

Perth WA, Forrest place, 1pm 6th November.

This photo essay is depicting protest for gay, lesbian, transsexual and bi sexual people to have the right to get married. The issue is a controversial one, though in society 62% of people agree that LGBT couples should have the right to get married. The photo essay is designed to put the viewer in amongst the crowd to experience the energy and colour of the equal rights protest.

The protest started in Forrest place, speeches from various gay members of the community petitioning for equal marriage rights spoke and then the protesters marched down Murray St mall, down William St as the cars were blocked from driving as we marched, up the Hay St mall then down a blocked Barrack St. It was interesting to see the reactions of the spectators, as some held thumbs up, others ignored the mass of people and some took photographs of their own.

I aspire to depict the huge amount of people, colour and energy of the spectacle.

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